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Application Areas

Everything you need within drainage solutions. We offer complete, easy-to-install drainage systems for any industry and all applications.

Roof Drainage Systems

Our stainless steel roof drainage system can be used for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single-ply roof membrane, and is equally suitable for gravity and vacuum or siphonic systems.

Floor Drainage Systems

We offer floor drainage systems for all applications, from single-family bathrooms over large industrial facilities to luxurious cruise liners.

Customised Solutions

Purpose-made drainage solutions on request to ensure all drainage requirements can be satisfied.

Hygienic Solutions for Food Processing

When food safety is top of mind, our solutions are here to help overcome hygienic challenges associated with efficient drainage for food production.

BLÜCHER Articles on Drains and Hygiene

Educate yourself on hygiene in the drainage system, water savings, and food safety challenges in drain design.