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Keeping Up the Flow

We manufacture and supply drains, pipes, channels, and accessories in order to provide high-quality drainage solutions for housing, commercial, industrial, and marine applications.

Solutions by Market

Food & Beverage

Hygiene and operational reliability are essential for safe and efficient food and beverage production.


Hygienic and classified fire-resistant products help ensure adequate function in any healthcare environment.


Durable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solutions to help you earn those five-star reviews.


Long-lasting and durable solutions to keep you moving.

Leisure & Sport Facilities

High-flow and efficient solutions to complete and enhance your guest experience.

Public Buildings & Education

Sustainable, long-lasting solutions for various facilities.


High-flow and efficient drainage solutions to help build consumer loyalty.

Cruise & Ferries

Fire-resistant and durable solutions to help provide an enjoyable voyage.


Fire-resistant solutions that won't sacrifice your coastal decor.

Fishing Vessels

Stainless steel drainage products contribute to a total low weight of the vessel.


Fire-resistant and durable solutions to keep everyone safe onboard.

Oil & Gas

Fire-resistant solutions to ensure smooth offshore operations.

Solutions by Need

Food Safety

Hygiene and efficient cleaning processes are essential in maintaining a high level of food safety.

Fire Safety

Prevent the spread of fire without worrying about materials melting.

Rat-Safe Solutions

Keep rats safe and out of your building.

Flow Capacity

No matter the requirements, we are here to help.


Stainless steel has many environmental benefits in its production, use, and recyclability.


Quickly access tools, resources, and services for every stage of your project.